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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Invisalign!| Sacramento,CA| Szymanowski Orthodontics

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Invisalign!

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Invisalign!

Welcome back to Szymanowski Orthodontics Invisalign® blog, with Dr. Szymanowski! Everyone knows that braces have been a successful solutions in fixing crooked teeth or other oral ailments, however the process of braces can caA patient enjoys her new clear Invisalign alignersuse its patients much distress. Braces can be extremely painful and hard to maintain because food can easily get lodged in the small crevices between the metal and your teeth. This poses risks for cavities which can lead to further tooth decay if not treated. Invisalign is a convenient instrument that aligns your teeth without the negative aspects that braces encompass.

Invisalign: Creating Beautiful Smiles

Popularity of the invisalign system has risen in the number of years because of the realization of its successful results without the hassle and care that conventional braces produce. The process of constructing  invisalign caters to your specific oral structure. We first take a thorough computer scan of your mouth and compose a mold that will create different molds in increments, assuring that your teeth are shifting according to plan. This technologically advanced system not only precisely manages your desired teeth alignment, but it is also a convenient method of getting that beautiful smile you always dreamed of.

Invisalign vs. Braces

Straight teeth is a desired commodity that can often carry a negative undertone because of the inconvenience braces have posed for many people. Socially braces have been the topic of unfavorable attention and some people get teased at school for being a “metal mouth”.  In addition, many adults feel embarrassed to wear braces because they feel that  braces are for teenagers. While braces do align and straighten your teeth, for those who desire the same results without the maintenance and inconvenience of metal braces, invisalign would be the perfect fit.

Invisalign is comprised of transparent material that is removable for your convenience and provides you with the reassurance of straightening your teeth discreetly. Consuming food with braces can cause portions of food to get lodged in between the wire and on the attachments  glued to your teeth. Invisalign offers the option of removal which allows you to remove your invisalign before meals to prevent food from finding its way into difficult crevices, which can lead to cavities and in extreme cases serious tooth decay. The duration of treatment for invisalign is also less than the several years braces would require. One of the larger concerns with invisalign is that the cost exceeds that of braces, however this is not necessarily accurate. In some cases, invisalign can be more affordable than braces depending on the length of treatment and number of office visits.

Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation in Sacramento, CA

Invisalign is visually more attractive and comfortable than braces, and may be a better alternative for people who have a busy lifestyle and would like to avoid the hardships of conventional braces. If you would like more information to see if this method is right for you, please contact our Sacramento, CA office to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation with Dr. Szymanowski.