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Caring For Your Invislaign®

Caring For Your Invislaign®

Caring For Your Invislaign®

Maintaining InvisalignThe Invisalign® system is a clear aligner that has been sweeping the nation in popularity because of the ease and convenience of its straightening method.  Patients with Invisalign can enjoy the same results that braces would give them without all the hassles that braces pose. Braces require a significant amount of maintenance because food can easily become lodged in-between the wires and brackets. Invisalign is removable which makes cleaning your teeth fairly simple.  It is important to maintain good oral hygiene with your Invisalign to prevent infections or other complications

Cleaning Your Invisalign

It is best to clean your Invisailgn with specialized solution such as retainer or denture cleaner that is gentle yet effective.  If you do not have solution, antibacterial soap will also work in removing bacteria developing on your aligners. Note that you use a clear soap so that you do not stain your aligners. Brushing your aligner can also be done, but be careful to not over brush them because it can cause scuffing and make your aligner appear cloudy.  Tooth paste is not a good product to use because it is abrasive and will scuff your aligners. Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, also has a specialized solution called Invsalign® Crystals©, that can clean your aligners through soaking.

Removing your aligners also require care and cleaning because once air comes in contact with your aligners, it can cause bacteria to develop in combination with your saliva. When you eat, it is important to clean your aligners before re-application.  Also, brushing your teeth and flossing will help keep your mouth free from bacteria and infection, plus it will prevent from having difficulties in applying your tight aligners back onto your teeth.  Aligners are made to fit your teeth snugly and if there are particles of food stuck in your teeth, it may make it difficult to put your aligners on. Oral hygiene is pertinent to your success in achieving aligned teeth with Invisalign.  It is also important to maintain oral health so that you can keep your teeth free from additional health complications.

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For our patients who have Invisalign, we hope that this blog post has helped you in knowing how to care for your Invisalign. For our prospective patients, we hope that you have been inspired to consider getting Invisalign for your crooked teeth. If you have further questions regarding Invisalign or would like to discuss your candidacy, please contact our office to schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.